Whether you're anxious & depressed  or feeling good but ready to be great micro-dosing can get you there!

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Hey, I'm Julie!

I'm so grateful you're here! You may not know me yet but I specialize in helping entrepreneurs and executives overcome stagnancy in results, the compulsion of feeling like you must be doing it ALL all of the time, and the narrative that tells you you can't do it/aren't good enough/don't have what it takes --- Yes, even if you're currently stuck in the grind feeling like there's no way out!

My mission is to impart a new way of doing things that leads to success quickly without frustration or manipulation.

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What It's Like to Work Together

"You need to call Julie."

"If you're an entrepreneur or a business owner, you have blind spots. Julie's special superpower is helping you find those blind spots and helping you best manage your energy and your talents. Now if a journey to self discovery doesn't sound fun, I promise you it will have an astounding impact on your busines. I have had the pleasure of working with Julie and have left each conversation simply blown away by the insights that she was able to uncover in such a short amount of time. Do the work on yourself and your business will grow. Call Julie. Get on the phone with her... I think you will be beyond excited about the results you will see."

Tim Haines

Founder of Symposia Labs 

An adaptive process that gives you exactly what you need

"I was looking for a business coach and someone in my networking group referred me to Julie. I'm a full time day trader and started a real estate investing business which I spend a lot of time on as well. I knew my process about how I went about things was probably inefficient. I wanted someone to help evaluate what I was doing. After evaluation, Julie also recommended some mental training to help me process everything. So we started with some ways to make my life and business more efficient and some mental training. Both have helped. What I also liked is how malleable Julie is as a teacher to help me perform at a better level. She constantly asks what I need help improving in that week and we are constantly moving the dial so that she can align her skill sets with what I need."


Trader and Real Estate Developer

Navigating success when it becomes too much to handle

"There was a lot on my plate and I was looking to expand my plate in way that put my personal life first. Knowing that if I take care of myself I'll have a bigger plate and be able to handle everything... By setting intentions and creating strong boundaries I was able to handle everything in business, with my family, and in my personal life."

Lorenzo Scardicchio

Founder and Website Designer - Qwarter

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Everyone needs a secret weapon in their back pocket! As a lawyer and a coach I am uniquely primed to support you in business and in life.

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