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Whether you're anxious & depressed  or feeling good but ready to be great micro-dosing can get you there!

Want to learn more about what micro-dosing 🍄 is, how it works, and why it's so incredibly effective?


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Hey, I'm Julie!

I'm so grateful you're here! You may not know me yet but I specialize in helping those of you who are trying all of the things and still not feeling like yourself master the micro-dosing process.

My mission is to support you in maximizing the power of micro-dosing with healing tools and guidance to navigate the questions and emotions that inevitably arise! 

Listen for some mind-blowing mindset shifts!

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Micro-dosing Guide

Ready to Uncover Your Magic through the power of micro-dosing!? Not only will you be an expert in this practice, you will step into your greatest confidence and remember who TF you are! You will be supported every step of the way. This is perfect for the person who has never micro-dosed before and is ready to maximize their journey with clear instructions and intentional healing. 

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Psychedelic Facilitation Waitlist

Interested in getting certified to utilize the power of psychedelics in your business? Experience micro-dosing first hand, become the expert in 🍄 coaching and mentoring, and develop your own program combining your unique skillset with the power of psilocybin!

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What It's Like to Work Together

Liberate yourself from a decade plus of depression

"My biggest takeaway from [Uncover Your Magic] has been that there is so much more potential to enjoy life than I had previously experienced."

Natalie B. 

Find an inner peace you never knew existed

"When I started I was still struggling to believe that the way I can show up was enough. Today, I can confidently say that whatever I can get done without feeling completely overwhelmed is more than enough, always has been. My only requirement now is I listen to my own voice first, before anyone else!"

Steph L.

Trust that you are supported in this process

"Julie is fantastic! She is supportive, attentive, non-judgmental, and affirming. Every time after talking with her I felt a weight lifted and a clear direction I could follow."

Sarah F.

I'm Here to Support You

Whether you're ready to get started micro-dosing, are wondering if a program is right for you, are interested in transformational breathwork, or just have a question - Click the link below to book a call.

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