Manifesting with Micro 🍄 dosing

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Manifestation can feel downright impossible - especially if your energy is off or you know you have some big blocks and limiting beliefs to work through. I was featured on the Badass Manifester Podcast to talk with my friend and the woman who trained me to become a coach - Ashley Gordon

Ashley and I started off talking about my journey to becoming a coach. I was in the first round of her world-class coaching certification - the Quantum Coaching Academy! We dove into how I took my desire to break through my own glass ceilings and discovered the tool of micro-dosing. I shared that after I took myself through a guided protocol using the tools I gained in QCA, I created a program to help others rediscover their most authentic selves, live unapologetically, and break through plateaus and cycles of anxiety and depression.

I tell Ashley how nerdy I am as we discussed the how and why behind the process of micro-dosing, i.e. rewiring new, supportive beliefs and behaviors with a powerful, lasting impact. I share that most people would benefit from an intentional, guided micro-dosing transformation.

In this episode, we dive into:

✔️ My personal story about how I became a micro-dosing mentor and why I'm a passionate advocate of the benefits of micro-dosing 

✔️ The key difference between micro-dosing through a guided protocol versus micro-dosing for one-off sessions

✔️ Exploring the science behind micro-dosing and its 3 major benefits for rewiring the brain 

✔️ Understanding what micro-dosing really is and my perspective on why this tool is not a drug but rather a medicine meant to heal

✔️ Knowing when micro-dosing is not supportive for you and key things to watch out for, especially if you have a pre-existing mental health diagnosis

If you’ve been wondering whether a guided micro-dosing protocol is right for you, the invitation here is to stay open and listen deeply. With higher levels of awareness and intentionality, you get to make empowered decisions about the healing tools that feel good and right for you.

Life is an education, truly a continuous learning experience. Conversations like these matter because they unlock new levels of consciousness to create perspective shifts that you may not know of…yet. Start by learning the art and science behind micro-dosing today! 🍄🌟

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