Uncover Your Potential: Harness the Transformative Power of Micro-dosing Pt. 2

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Hey there, fellow magic seekers! I'm Julie, your devoted micro-dosing mentor. Together, we'll dive into the "how" behind psychedelics that we explored in my last post. Let's dive in!

Amplify Your Brilliance: Unleashing Creativity and Focus

People come to this work from many walks of life. I work with moms who want to be more present and loving for their children, medication takers who want to break up with their prescription amphetamines, and entrepreneurs who can tell they're on the brink of something massive in their business. 

You may be wondering: how do psychedelics increase things like creativity and focus?

Let's start with creativity and two types of consciousness that you have experienced in your life.

When you were a child, your brain operated with "lantern consciousness." Think of a lantern and how it illuminates a room. When you turn it on, light spreads in all directions and you can see things that were previously hidden. Lantern consciousness works in much the same way. 

Children take in much more information from the world around them as compared to adults. Children perform what are called "high temperature searches" when posed with problems. They are more likely to find creative solutions because of the vast amount of information they take in and because they are thinking outside the box. 

Adults operate with "spotlight consciousness." Picture a spotlight. When a spotlight is focused on something, only the objects within the radius of the light are illuminated. Everything else remains in the dark. It is the same for the ways adults think. We take in a limited amount of information based upon that which we are focusing.

Adults perform "low temperature searches" meaning they use their years of mental models and predictions to find solutions to problems. While evolutionarily helpful, this is not always optimal. 

Psychedelics take an adult brain from spotlight consciousness to lantern consciousness, thereby enabling an adult mind to find novel solutions to persistent problems and spark new waves of thinking that lead to increased creativity.

When it comes to focus, that is very much tied to the benefits between psychedelic use and mental health so let's move on...

Elevate Your Emotional Well-being: Micro-dosing for Mental Mastery

One of the coolest parts about psychedelics (in my mind) is that they literally make you happier! Let's unpack that. 

A 2010 research study out of Harvard found that happiness was NOT a new car, a hot boyfriend, or even lots of money.


The study showed that happiness directly, positively correlated with presence. 

AKA having your attention focused on what is happening in the moment.

Unfortunately, on average, people spend 47% of their waking hours with a wandering mind

That's right - by default the human mind is a distracted, and therefore a sad, mind.

But do you know what psilocybes (aka magic mushrooms) do?!

They shut off power to the parts of your brain (called The Default Mode Network) that are active when your mind wanders.

By stopping oxygen and blood flow to these areas, psychedelics force you to become present. 

And because we learned that presence is the key to happiness, then it naturally follows that mushrooms do in fact make you happier.

So not only does your overall mental health increase, so does your ability to focus!

And finally, let's explore how psychedelics and micro-dosing in particular can help you...

Unleash Your Personal Growth: Micro-dosing as the Catalyst for Self-Discovery

Psychedelics are best known for their ability to spur on neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. 

But what do these things really mean??

Neurogenesis is the creation of new neurons and neuroplasticity means that new parts of our brains are talking and making connections.

So basically not only is your mind expanding but parts of your brain that never talked before are suddenly chatting each other up.

With all of this novel communication and growth happening, it follows that you will inevitably uncover and discover parts of yourself that you never knew existed or were otherwise lying dormant. 

Don't you want to see just how good life can get?!

Micro-dosing is incredibly safe, accessible, and easy to implement inside my guided systems.

If you want to learn more go ahead and submit the form below to book a call with me or send me a message to [email protected]. I am always happy to connect.

Until next time!

Your micro-dosing mentor,


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