Are you ready to discover who you are without anxiety and depression? I'm going to show you how amazing life can be with the power of πŸ„

What would it be like to have a space where you can finally feel like yourself and learn how to get your sh*t together WITHOUT riding the emotional rollercoaster that is micro-dosing without support?


I feel you. You're doing allll the things to feel better but you end up more confused.

Are you convinced you will always struggle with anxiety and depression?

Does fear of rejection keep you from speaking up?

Do you let perfectionism  stop you from showing the "weird" parts of yourself that make you who you really are?

Then it's time to explore micro-dosingπŸ„

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Do you beat yourself up on the daily? When something unexpected happens do you assume the worst? Do you struggle to stop playing situations out in your head over and over again?

You know deep down in your bones that a life without anxiety is possible.

Maybe you've tried everything from medications to meditations.

But those things left you feeling more confused or, at best, numb.

You're in the right place.

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My anxiety left me in a constant state of anticipating the worst.

In my mind, anything that could go wrong would go wrong. I had pervasive thoughts that I couldn't let go of. I always assumed people were mad at me from my friends, my boss, my boyfriend... I second-guessed everything and felt like I was constantly messing up.

And if we're keeping it real - I was.

I was so insecure that I was constantly pretending to be someone I wasn't. I would become who I thought someone wanted me to be. I was lying and sometimes being a very mean version of myself.

I was so sick of feeling this way that I turned to medications but ended up feeling numb.

I told the doctor I still felt some anxiety and depression, and she responded by increasing my dose. So now I felt like even more of a zombie. I hadn't dealt with any of the underlying feelings that caused my anxiety and depression. I had simply stuffed them further and further down which required more and more Prozac to deal with.


After 10s of thousands of dollars in certifications and trainings telling me all the things I "needed" to do to feel better...

...I combined the most effective healing tools with the power of micro-dosing πŸ„ to create a 30-day program that helps you remember who TF you are and get out of your own way so you can start living a life you actually want.

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You do not need to do what I did... 

I quit my job as a corporate lawyer and moved half way across the country.

 I thought better weather and a different practice area would make me happy.

When the pandemic hit I gave up being a lawyer altogether and dove deep into personal development. 

Have you ever changed an external circumstance expecting it to change how you feel inside?

I thought meditating all day and visualizing on the life I wanted would somehow make it magically show up.

Fast forward: you know that didn't work... Because that hasn't worked for you.

And even when I transitioned into coaching and started to see some success in my business, I knew I was hitting a glass ceiling in my growth and development.

Are you currently hitting a glass ceiling?

I knew there had to be something more.

So I began researching the science behind micro-dosing and combining micro-dosing with healing tools I knew worked. 

This program completely changed my business, skyrocketed my self worth, and majorly upgraded the quality of my life.

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What would be possible in your day-to-day life if you reclaimed your energy and became the most confident version of you?

Imagine a life without anxiety and overwhelm where you get to be who truly are without worrying about pleasing everyone else.

Give yourself the space to gain clarity on who you are at your best without.....

The nasty side effects of medication, spending hours of time trying to figure out how to micro-dose, and figuring out the most effective things (from breathing exercises to journal prompts) to help you heal. This process takes the guess work out of micro-dosing, provides you support for when tough emotions arise, and directs you to the most effective exercises to truly let go of everything that is stopping you from shining. 

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Get a taste of what life is like without clinical depression and start this "life-changing process" that will show you the light at the end of the tunnel.

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You are so much more than the box life has tried to put you in. Whether you want to pursue your dream career, start speaking on stages, or finally leave that toxic relationship - micro-dosing will give you the confidence to go after it.

Hold on, Kittens, because after this experience you are going to be so magnetic that everyone is going to want to be around you! I'm talking clients, friends, romantic partners - you name it!


Uncover Your Magic: A Guided Micro-dosing Transformation

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  • Take the guess work out of micro-dosing with my unique protocol.  I give you the instructional videos and a calendar so it's easy AF
  • Gain clarity and focus with easy-to-follow guides for each "on" day of the protocol
  • Fit this into even the busiest of schedules! You'll be amazed at how little time this takes.
  • Bonus: Go through your own, unique, Final Transformation Experience with me  in a private zoom call
  • Bonus: Get access to a library of pre-recorded breathwork sessions
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Join over 75 people who have said yes to themselves and the power of micro-dosing this year!

Uncover Your Magic is the first step to finally getting the relief from a racing mind and negative thoughts that you've always wanted. [And for a lot of people it's the last step!] C.G. went through this process and said "Everything just seems a lot easier. Waking up, going to sleep, my thoughts, my work, answering the phone and talking to people, carving out quality time with my husband."

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Become Present AKA Happy

Happiness researchers tell us happiness isn't how much money we make, the car we drive, or how much we weigh. It is how often we are present in the moment. Micro-dosing helps us become present more often by quieting the part of our brain that keeps us stuck replaying the past or worrying about the future

Make changes easier

Ever felt like changing your behavior was impossible? Well, that may be close to true. We all have ridges in our brain that default to bad behaviors. Micro-dosing smooths those ridges and helps us choose new actions.

Find effective solutions for nagging issues 

Micro-dosing creates new neural pathways in your brain, which allows you to access otherwise unrealized answers for things that have plagued you for years.

"100000% do it. It's the perfect reset plus it allows you to really just hit the reset button and start focusing on yourself a little more." S.P.

Whether you're done being defined by your anxiety and depression or are looking to breakthrough to your next level of expansion...

This process is for you. I don't just teach you how to micro-dose. I give you the best in healing tools to maximize the effects of micro-dosing so that all of the positive changes that happen in your brain actually stick.

Skip the emotional turmoil and overwhelm and get supported in this process TODAY.

Micro-dosing alone, without a guide will either leave you overwhelmed or dissatisfied by a lack of actual change. Going through this process and not combining it with the healing work is liking taking steroids but not going to the gym. Maximize the impact of this process today. Micro-dosing has piqued your interests for a reason. Take the first step toward trusting yourself and either book a call with me to explore whether this is right for you or sign up today! 

If you don't feel like yourself and are struggling to get your sh*t together...

then Uncover Your Magic: A Guided Micro-dosing Transformation is for you!

Say goodbye to feeling like a shell of yourself, being consumed by your anxiety, and thinking you're not good enough to have exactly what you want 
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TOTAL VALUE =  $2,999



What you'll get...

  • 15 Breakthrough Trainings - $750
  • Self Love & Goal Setting Breathwork - $99
  • Forgiveness Hypnosis - $29
  • 5 Powerful Meditations to Bring You Home to Your Body - $90
  • 6 Journal Books to Give You the Clarity You Crave - $100
  • Micro-dosing Know-How - $222 
  • Everything You Need to Get Started Micro-dosing - $1111
  • LIVE Final Transformation Process - $500
  • Breathwork Library - $99
  • Not to mention the most magical experience of your life that will make you realize just how wonderful this life can be...

Relief is available to you...

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Liberate yourself from a decade+ of depression

"My biggest takeaway from [Uncover Your Magic] has been that there is so much more potential to enjoy life than I had previously experienced. I am so happy with the progress I’ve made. My dark days don’t seem so dark anymore, and I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to my struggles with depression. Life seems brighter and more vibrant... Do it with no hesitation! This will change your life and you will be fully supported by Julie. "

Natalie B. 

Find an inner peace you never knew existed.

"When I trusted my heart & my instinct to guide me through the process, they didn’t let me down. In fact they really allowed me to see myself for what I am - which is that I am more than enough! When I started I was still struggling to believe that the way I can show up was enough. Today, I can confidently say that whatever I can get done without feeling completely overwhelmed is more than enough, always has been. My only requirement now is I listen to my own voice first, before anyone else!"

Steph L.
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