How much do I take when I micro-dose?

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I’m Julie, your micro-dosing mentor, and I am delighted to delve into the topic of dosing with you today. In my previous blog posts, we discussed what micro-dosing is and dispelled some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding micro-dosing and psychedelics. Today I want to answer one of my most  frequently asked questions:

“How much do I take when I micro-dose?”

Determining the proper dosage for psilocybin AKA magic mushrooms depends on various factors. You might find different information depending on where you look on the internet. The dosage is impacted by your history with the practice, your body composition, and your goals. At the end of this blog I will share the dosage I recommend and work with, which I believe is the gold standard based on research.

For individuals seeking healing, micro-dosing can provide a pathway to letting go of past traumas and emotional baggage, allowing a lighter and more positive outlook moving forward.  Others approach micro-dosing as a means to expand their creative and cognitive abilities and experience new levels of consciousness. There is no wrong intention or goal!

Let's talk about James Fadiman

James Fadiman is known as the father of micro-dosing because of his significant contributions toward making this work accessible as well as researching its benefits.  

However, I personally do not align with his recommendation of micro-dosing. He would say that anywhere between 0.1 grams to 0.5 grams of psilocybin per day counts as a micro-dose. 

In my view, the purpose of micro-dosing is not to “feel it” but to maximize what’s happening in our brains to facilitate transformation and growth.  Therefore, unless you are considerably larger than I am (I am 5’ 4” and weigh between 140 and 150 pounds), taking 0.3 to 0.5 grams of psilocybin would likely result in noticeable effects and, in my view, defeat the purpose of micro-dosing. 

Interestingly, Dr. Fadiman coined the term “transformation without intoxication” meaning you can gain the benefits with a sub perceptual amount. For me, 0.5 grams of psilocybin would definitely result in “feeling” the dose and therefore would no longer be sub perceptual. 

I enjoy sharing with my clients and community that, by following the recommended schedule and dosage I provide in the onboarding calls, you can experience amazing benefits of micro-dosing without any noticeable side effects.  As we’ll discuss in other posts, you can enjoy an increase in energy, a slight mood boost, and a feeling of lightness as if the colors of the world are turned up a notch. 

Transformation without Intoxication

Micro-dosing is meant to be subtle, not even as noticeable as having a glass of wine or smoking cannabis. 

Micro-dosing should not induce a trip, but it should produce subtle effects. One of the first things I recommend to people in my program is to stop drinking alcohol for the first 30 days because alcohol can affect the chemical balance and overall experience. 

Being sober allows for a more isolated effect of psilocybin, which then allows it to reveal its true potential.  Some people wonder if they can simply purchase and measure magic mushrooms themselves. I am not here to tell you what’s right or wrong, but in my program I advise against that. Precise scales are required to measure such small amounts accurately, which is why I recommend purchasing pre-measured supplements from the companies I work with. This information, along with more about functional mushrooms combined with the supplement, is available in my guided micro-dosing experiences.  

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Lean into the idea that simpler is more effective

I understand the temptation to want more of an experience or feeling, as society has conditioned us to crave intense sensations. For example, most people in the US drink alcohol to get drunk, not for enjoyment and many smoke cannabis to get stoned rather than for other reasons like relaxation or insight.  Similarly, we often drink coffee for its stimulating effects rather than for its taste.  However, with micro-dosing we are aiming to have breakthroughs, process trauma, and access higher states of consciousness and connection, which takes time. 

The key point is that it does not take a large dose. So my advice to you is to start small. It is unlikely that you need more than 0.1 grams of the substance. If there is one piece of advice that you take away from me, let it be this. 

If you’re considering micro-dosing and think you don’t need a guide, it’s important to remember that having a guide can make the changes feel more manageable and less overwhelming. If you want the convenience of standardized capsules and guidance for your transformation process, don't hesitate to reach out! Whether you are seeking creativity, expansion, healing, or relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression, I am here to support you. 

It makes me so happy to see the positive impact that micro-dosing has had on so many people in the community. I believe that we can all overcome the negative stories we tell ourselves and process the difficulties we've faced in life to reach our full potential.

If you're interested in bringing the power of psychedelics to your community and guiding safe and ethical macro or micro journeys, please send me an email at [email protected] and we can explore whether UNLEASHED (where I teach you how to become a psychedelic facilitator) is right for you. 

Wishing you a magical day!

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